You can get into contact with the organizers by emailing us at info [at] ipo2016 [dot] be.

Questions and preferences relating to the hotelrooms for the official IPO delegations should be sent to this address only: hotel [at] ipo2016 [dot] be
The members of the official delegations can contact us for hotel-related questions on this email, please do not write to any other email with questions about hotels.
Questions should be about and requests should be for the official delegation only. We do not handle any other questions or requests.
Delegation members are not allowed to bring partners, family or friends.
Requests for single rooms will entail a considerable extra cost per night to be settled with the hotel by yourself upon arrival.
The reservations were made according to the rule that students but also teachers share rooms.
We have made extra reservations but it might not be possible to give every single teacher a single room.